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Holiday Camps


JB sports coaching run holiday camps at a number of different primary schools in West Yorkshire during the school holidays.  

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Each term we try and change the programme so that the children can try a different sport. The camps range from multi-skills which include sports like dodgeball, cricket and athletics to camps just based on 1 sport for example football. Our camps are open to children of all ages.

Our camps have 2 main objectives:

  • To have fun
  • To learn a new skill

Holiday camps start at 10:00 in the morning and finish at 3:00 in the afternoon.





My daughter has attended a number of football holiday camps run by JB sports coaching over the last couple of years. The camps are fantastic as it keeps her active in the school holidays and she always meets new people and makes new friends. She also learns so many new skills and this is great for her to take into her football with her club on a weekend.Every time she goes she has so much fun and comes back telling us she cannot wait to go the next time. A big thank you to Josh, Matt and the rest of the coaches for putting on such a fun event.

Mrs Broughton

kids school holiday camp at Idle Bradford

Each day begins with a team game to get everyone acquainted with each other and to put everyone in good spirits. At different points throughout the day we initiate skills based sessions e.g. passing if its football or throwing and catching if its cricket. It is vital to properly coach the children and show them how to play the sport correctly. The main objective will always be fun but we are aware that children also need to learn at the same time.

Each holiday camp is different and some can run for 4 days with others just last 2. On the last day of every camp we like to put on a tournament where the children play in teams and compete against each other. This is a good way to demonstrate skills learnt during the camp. It is also important for the children to learn respect and sportsmanship which we talk about throughout the week.

At some holiday camps we have children coming from different schools and by the end of the week many of the children have made new friends; this is always something that puts a smile on the coach’s faces.

Before the children go home we always have a prize ceremony where every child gets a certificate and a prize which can sometimes be a medal or trophy or maybe a football. We also give out special prizes for things such as sportsmanship or for the best behaviour during the week.