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PPA Cover

We provide PPA Cover for Primary Schools in West Yorkshire including Bradford, Keighley, Halifax and Ilkley.

If you need PPA Cover for your Primary School or for emergency PPA Cover at short notice call our mobile on 07931 747 197.


All our staff are now qualified on the compulsory level 2 certificate Supporting learning in PE and School Sport 

Our PPA Cover Commitment

  • All our staff are now qualified on the compulsory level 2 certificate Supporting learning in PE and school sport. 
  • Working hand in hand with the school and its teachers delivering PPA Cover for PE lessons.
  • Our aim is to give every child the opportunity to take part in a number of different sports as well as learning new skills.
  • All PPA work structures to meet the national curriculum.
  • Detailed session plans written by our PPA cover staff. All session plans are specific to the group of children we coach and each session plan includes coaching points and ways to improve for the next session.
  • 1 on 1 work with the teachers to update their knowledge and to help them gain confidence to coach sport themselves.
  • Highly qualified staff who are equipped to plan and deliver physical education.
  • All our staff have fully enhanced crb checks, insurance, first aid trained and have a child protection certificate.

PPA Feedback sheets

Click to download blank feedback sheetsWe send all our schools feedback sheets. The feedback sheets have questions on 3 different sections: The Coach, the sessions and the Company.

When the schools have returned the forms we sit down, read through them and work out how we can work on any weaker points and how we can keep improving on our strong points.

Download blank feedback sheets here

*feedback is everything*

Planning for a new term

Before a new term starts we find out what sport we are required to do and begin by making session plans for the right amount of weeks in that term. All our coaches have prior experience in coaching a large number of different sports.

All session plans for that term are sent to class teachers and can be adapted if for example a number of children are away of if the weather affects the sessions location.

PPA Cover Evaluation

At the end of every term we always evaluate our staff and put on different coaching sessions to enhance their skills. we also have sit down meetings to go through how they feel the term has gone and to go through what feedback we have received from the schools.

PPA Absence cover

Should a teacher be away JB sports coaching can be called upon to cover. We have staff who are ready with a full selection of detailed session plans to cover every sport.

Session plans

Click To Download PPA Cover Session Plan

Are you just wanting to do a 1 off PE lesson or have been asked to do a full term but don't know what to do? Or maybe just need some guidance. JB Sports Coaching can write up specific session plans to suit you needs.

Our session planner can work closely with you and put together an easy to understand session plan with coaching points and clear diagrams.

Feel free to get in touch and we can help you out.

Download Blank Session Plans Here

PPA Case Study

PPA Cover at Idle Primary School Bradford
Idle Cofe Primary School

12:15 -  4:30  PPA, Dinner time and After school Clubs. 

+Inter-class competitions at the end of every term
+Inter school matches with local schools 
+Sports day preparation
+Half term holiday camps

Different sport every term: Basketball/hockey/Tag rugby/rounders/cricket
Sessions are all about learning team skills, learning new skills and getting every child to participate and have fun.